Exercise is one of the most important elements of canine health. Dogs who don’t get enough exercise often misbehave out of frustration and boredom. We offer several exercise options for your dog.


Park Trips

Park excusions take place in local parks or dog parks. Varying environments and new smells and sounds provide fun, exercise, and mental stimulation that are vital to your dog's physical and emotional well-being. Groups are limited to four dogs to ensure maximum attention and safety. Walks average an hour (time on the ground) in length and include basic obedience training reinforcement and socialization. Muddy puppies are hosed off and towel dried before they come home.



Is your dog a water dog? We provide swim time, too. Like park walks, swims offer your dog plenty of exercise and stimulation. Excursions last an hour and include a good hosing off.


Neighborhood Walks

If your dog is more comfortable on her own turf, we can take her for a half hour walk on leash around your neighborhood. We pick up poop and refill the water dish, too. All walks include training reinforcement.


Walk Requirements

Dogs must have reliable recall (come when called) in order to enjoy off-leash privileges, including swim time. Dogs that are still working on their recall skills may benefit from training walks, or enjoy park walks on leash. Dogs must be licensed and up to date on their shots. We do not require dogs to be spayed or neutered.

Morgan at the beach